Corn Mazes Near Athens GA

Corn Mazes Near Athens GA

Athens GA has a few locally grown farm based entertainment destinations from traditional corn mazes all the way to a zombie preserve.

Corn Stalks

What is a Corn Maze

A corn maze (or maize maze) is a corn field with walking trails cut through the stalks in the shape of a maze for people to walk through. It has become a popular tourist attraction business for farmers trying to supplement their farm's income. Many corn mazes have clues posted periodically on sign boards on how to proceed forward to the exit.

How did corn mazes get started?

Mazes large enough to walk through date back thousands of years. However, corn mazes were invented by Adrian Fisher of England in the 1970s. His first public maze was called "The Amazing Maize Maze".


How many corn mazes are in Georgia?

It's hard to know exactly because they come and grow (pun intended) every year. At last count there were over 50 farms in Georgia alone hosting public corn maze events. The Athens area has at least three and a few more if you extend your search closer to the Atlanta area.

Are corn mazes for the whole family?

Absolutely! In a world of high definition TVs, 1000 channel cable providers, Internet programming, and video game consoles, it has become even more important for families to find a way to escape technology and experience good ole fashion fun together in the great outdoors.

Why do corn mazes only pop-up during fall?

While corn can and does grow earlier in the year, the real problem is heat. The corn plants spaced close together to form the maze can trap air flow and produce very hot conditions. It would be unsafe for people (and their children) to navigate the corn maze at summer temperatures... especially here in the South. For this reason, it only makes sense to combine the corn maze experience with fall activities like Halloween.

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